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As I add less “stuff” to my life, I create empty space.  Hallelujah, now I’m free!!  …right?

There’s room in the house that might have otherwise been taken up by more toys.  Valuable real estate in the closet I would have filled with new clothes.  And, most importantly, time I might have spent shopping for more stuff.

Unfortunately, we must all face the scientific truth that “nature abhors a vacuum.”  When you create a space, it wants to get refilled.  In fact, it’s nearly impossible to stop this from happening.

Fortunately, I can choose how to refill that space.



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in•spi•ra•tion noun

Webster dictionary defines inspiration as a) a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation b) the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions c) the act of influencing or suggesting opinions

Who inspires you? Why do we get inspired? I’ve been thinking about this word a lot in the past week. The Nothing New challenge has encouraged me to dig deeper into quotes that move me and people that make a difference. I love it when words touch me in such a way where I’m stirred into action.

As the world of blogging becomes more popular, I feel blessed to reap the rewards of another person’s “aha” moments. We share life together. While virtual life can never replace eye to eye connection for me, it does offer gifts beyond imagination. Yet, my heart has been heavy as I recently learned about a sweet friend (whom I’ve never met!) that suffered a major stroke last Monday. At the sweet age of 38, Joanne’s youngest daughter found her seizuring on the floor. It is day 12, and she still rests in a coma. For those of you that pray, please lift up this family. I’ve been taken back at how much I feel for their situation. As I continue to study simplicity, Joanne’s words have inspired and encouraged me for years.


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Henry relaxes on the porch at The Sweetest Thing

When Laura and I first discussed our rules, we knew there was one sacred item which would have to be considered an exception…cupcakes!

These divine treats fall somewhere between “food” and “experiences.”

Laura and I both live in Sherwood, a wonderful community just south of Portland.  We make it a regular habit to get together for quality girl time (with or without our darling children).

The other day, we headed to the neighboring town of Newberg with the kids to partake in some yummy treats at one of our favorite places, The Sweetest Thing.


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