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Hello, little peanut!

The “Nothing New” challenge is about to have an interesting new twist for our family.

Sometime around the first of October, we will be welcoming something very new into our home…a precious new life!

That’s right:  I’m pregnant.

This year we will become a family of four.  Henry will become a big brother.  I will experience the joy of motherhood doubled.



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As I look over this past week, I see gratitude and presence in my expressions of love. Family time rose to the top of my priority list as Jeremy prepared for a long distant business trip. Here’s what the last seven days looked like for me:

Day Four: Prior to Emma’s arrival, Jessica created a beautiful gift for the baby shower. For the first 18 years of Emma’s life, Jessica made a birthday card. Family and friends were invited to choose one and write a special note. It’s such a great idea! Before she was born in August, she had a box full of birthday cards waiting for her to open, covering nearly two decades! It was time that I added to the bundle of future love. When I discovered that “Age One” was still available, I snatched it up. Sitting down to write Emma’s first birthday card was a really sweet moment. Though she won’t understand the words I wrote, she can look back and see how very much she was loved and celebrated by our family.


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Henry relaxes on the porch at The Sweetest Thing

When Laura and I first discussed our rules, we knew there was one sacred item which would have to be considered an exception…cupcakes!

These divine treats fall somewhere between “food” and “experiences.”

Laura and I both live in Sherwood, a wonderful community just south of Portland.  We make it a regular habit to get together for quality girl time (with or without our darling children).

The other day, we headed to the neighboring town of Newberg with the kids to partake in some yummy treats at one of our favorite places, The Sweetest Thing.


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Lately, I keep forgetting to put spare outfits in the diaper bag.  The problem reached critical mass at church last Sunday.

During the closing song, Steve went down to fetch Henry from the nursery. After the closing prayer, I spotted them in the foyer. Steve was looking very grumpy.`

Henry, who looked rather cheerful, was not wearing any pants.

His diaper had leaked, soaking his khakis. A frantic search of the diaper bag uncovered three shirts, but no pants. Henry looked odd in his big puffy coat and bare legs. Embarrassed and irritated, we slipped out the side exit.

I always believe there is a change of clothes in the bag, but it’s hard to be sure in the race to get out the door in time.


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