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The other day, as Steve was getting dressed for a meeting with a client, his one and only black belt ripped right in half.

I glanced over to see him standing in the closet, holding up the two severed halves, a look of bewilderment on his face.  It had been wearing down for a while, but I guess I didn’t realize how desperate the situation had become.

The pants he was wearing wouldn’t stay up properly without a belt, and so one needed to be procured – ideally, in time for his client meeting.



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Henry relaxes on the porch at The Sweetest Thing

When Laura and I first discussed our rules, we knew there was one sacred item which would have to be considered an exception…cupcakes!

These divine treats fall somewhere between “food” and “experiences.”

Laura and I both live in Sherwood, a wonderful community just south of Portland.  We make it a regular habit to get together for quality girl time (with or without our darling children).

The other day, we headed to the neighboring town of Newberg with the kids to partake in some yummy treats at one of our favorite places, The Sweetest Thing.


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New Year’s Day, the first day of the challenge. The guys wanted to watch football, and my mom and I decided to go shopping.

This is how, before noon on the first day of the year, I found myself standing squarely in the middle of the ultimate battleground:

75% off Christmas clearance at Target.

I am a power bargain shopper, and Target has always been one of my favorite places to score a deal. And sure, sometimes a deeply discounted clearance item ends up cheaper than you could buy it at a thrift store.

But saving money isn’t the only point of Nothing New.


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